About Create Power Yoga

Create Power Yoga is an East Providence yoga studio for hot power yoga and unheated yoga classes. We specialize in teaching classes that not only support, but also encourage beginner yoga students in addition to experienced ones.
We are passionate about creating a yoga studio where each person feels safe and honored as their authentic self.
Everyone has a different goal and reason for coming to their yoga mat. Therefore, it is our mission to honor each student, and welcome them into a community. Not only will you find yoga classes here, you will also find a peaceful, friendly, and non-judgemental environment.

We offer consistent, challenging experiences in our classes, while helping you learn to choose what is best for your body and practice.

Why take yoga classes?

You will see the benefits of yoga after just one class. Yoga reduces stress levels, increases flexibility, and improves brain function.

In addition, if you stick with your practice you will see long-term health benefits. Not only does yoga lower blood pressure, it also improves lung capacity, relieves chronic neck and back pain, lowers blood sugar levels, strengthens bones, improves balance, and increases strength. In addition, it also significantly decreases anxiety.

To sum it up: why would you not start a yoga practice?

Yoga with us will give you these benefits, and a community to support your goals.  Whether you are a brand new yoga student attending your first class, or a seasoned yogi taking your practice to the next level, we invite you to meet us on your mat.

Why is an origami crane your symbol for the yoga studio?

In Japanese legend, a person who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted a wish. We placed a crane as our logo because the origami crane is a symbol of taking action to produce what you want out of life. Similarly to yoga, the meditative state of folding origami is the journey, while the physical beauty it creates is a happy side-effect.

We believe that this also happens in yoga. Yoga is a journey of unfolding the mind while folding the body, actively creating the person you want to be.

Create Power Yoga Crane Logo

"Hope is
Folding paper cranes
Even when your hands get cramped
And your eyes tired,
Working past blisters and
Paper cuts,
Simply because something in you
Insists on
Opening its wings"
(Elizabeth Barrette)