Workshops & Events

We offer yoga events, workshops and trainings throughout the year. In addition to yoga, we bring in other relevant topics, from self-defense workshops to pelvic floor workshops. Yoga trainings include yoga teacher training, kids yoga training, and student yoga immersions. New! We are no also offering outdoor yoga and pilates under our Yoga on the Green program!
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Yoga on the Green

Yoga on the Green (and pilates, too!)

Saturdays in the Summer
8:30-9:30am Yoga
9:45-10:30am Pilates


Where:  Freedom Green, corner of Broadway & Centre, Rumford. Weather permitting.

Pre-registration is required. Classes are limited to the current social gathering guidelines or 30 people, whichever is smaller.


21-day challenge header

21-day Mobility Challenge

Begin any time! We designed our 21-day Mobility Challenge to help you learn about and challenge your body. This challenge focuses on creating mobility and elasticity throughout your body through daily movement practices that build on each other. Our goal is not only to help you move more efficiently in your body, but also to help your learn about the way you work. It's our belief that the more you know about this body you're in the more confidently you can make decisions about your movement and self-care. This program is based in fascia - the tissue that creates an interconnected system throughout your body.

This challenge includes:

  • 21 classes (20-30 minutes each)
  • Daily mantras and journaling prompts
  • 21 lessons and body "hacks"
  • Access to our online 21-day challenge community

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