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We offer yoga programs through events, workshops and trainings, both virtual and in-person. In addition to yoga, we bring in other relevant topics, from self-defense to pelvic floor trainings. Yoga trainings include yoga teacher training, kids yoga training, and student yoga immersions.
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Grief Yoga Workshop

Grief Yoga: Movement, Breath & Sound

a 90-minute Workshop-style Class

Sunday, February 5 at 2pm

Grief Yoga uses yoga, movement, breath and sound to release pain and suffering to reconnect back to love. This class is designed to help grievers find peace through movement and meditation. This practice is about emotional liberation vs. physical flexibility. This class is accessible to everyone.

About the teacher:

Kim Bernardo is a 200-Hour certified yoga teacher and also 100-Hour certified in Grief Yoga. She discovered Grief Yoga after the recent loss of her parents when she was looking for an outlet and release for her emotions. Her practice, passion and knowledge of yoga (and meditation) has grown over the years and she loves to spread that knowledge to others. Kim’s classes are always a judgement free space, and a place for students to learn and explore new areas.

$25 for Studio+ Members

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BIPOC Yoga Class

BIPOC Yoga Series

a monthly series of pay-what-you-can classes specifically for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. These classes usually fall on the third Saturday of each month - head to our schedule to see upcoming classes.

Black, Indigenous, People of Color are welcomed to join this 75-minute yoga and reiki class. This class strives to foster a space where your identity, culture, race, and socioeconomic status are respected, valued and uplifted. We work towards creating a safe space and dismantling systems that create barriers for individuals of color to experience and explore yoga. Our intention is for BIPOC individuals to feel empowered in their yoga practice and provide a space for joy, liberation, rest and healing. In this class you have the option to receive reiki healing during savasana. Reiki is an alternative healing modality adopted from Japan that relaxes the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a pure divine light that flows through the body to assist with aligning the energy systems (chakras) and finding balance within. Reiki can also help with releasing tension and many more. 

These classes are guided each month by a member of our BIPOC leadership team (Katarina DaRosa, Eunice David and Crystal Kim)

This class is pay-what-you-can and reserving your spot is free. Please "purchase" a free class credit in order to reserve your spot in the class. If you would like to pay an amount you're comfortable with for class, you can bring cash or Venmo us at @createpoweryoga.

Space is limited so we require pre-registration.

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This is an on-demand, self-paced virtual program. This 5-week program will revive your pelvic floor using evidence-based physical therapy, pilates and yoga techniques.

Program includes:

  • Daily lessons to help you better understand your pelvic floor and how your daily activities affect its health.
  • 5  weeks of lessons and daily tips to build your awareness of your floor, release it, and rebuild it, PLUS two extra weeks of access to keep your progress going.
  • One free consultation with Pelvic Floor Specialist Jillian Pane-Walsh is on hand to answer your questions.


21-Day MOBILITY Challenge

21-day Mobility Challenge

Begin any time! We designed our 21-day Mobility Challenge to help you learn about and challenge your body. This challenge focuses on creating mobility and elasticity throughout your body through daily movement practices that build on each other. Our goal is not only to help you move more efficiently in your body, but also to help your learn about the way you work. It's our belief that the more you know about this body you're in the more confidently you can make decisions about your movement and self-care. This program is based in fascia - the tissue that creates an interconnected system throughout your body.

This challenge includes:

  • 21 classes (20-30 minutes each)
  • Daily mantras and journaling prompts
  • 21 lessons and body "hacks"
  • Access to our online 21-day challenge community