Yoga FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Yoga Questions

Are you a beginner yoga student? Or starting at our yoga studio for the first time? Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting a yoga practice. Give them a read! After that, we hope you feel as prepared and at-ease as possible beginning your yoga practice.

Have more questions? E-mail us at or text us at 202-816-4909 and we will be happy to answer them.

How should I start?
We love beginners at Create Power Yoga! You do not need to know the poses, have the right outfit, or be flexible to start yoga.  All are welcome here and we strive to make every class accessible and each experience positive. First, we recommend you start with our Introductory Offer of 30 Days Unlimited for $30!  This pack is a great way to begin, letting you 'test out' being a member.  With unlimited yoga, you can spend 30 days trying a variety of classes and instructors.

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Getting Started Tips
Our classes are grounded in the practice of mindfulness. The breath and body-alignment cues that we give are designed to bring you out of your head, and into the present moment. Studies consistently and overwhelmingly show that the practice of mindfulness can positively impact your life in many ways. For example, improved cardiovascular health, better sleep, blood-sugar control, and a better ability to handle stress.
  • If you have any injuries or physical conditions that impact physical activity, please let us know so that we can offer advice.
  • Place your mat near the center of the room, in a “parking spot,” so that you can see people in front and back of you for help in the postures.
  • Grab a block.
  • Ease in as needed, and have patience with yourself. You do NOT have to do every pose; each class you will do more and more. You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon on your first run, right?
  • In our Hot Power Yoga classes, postures are linked together in a vinyasa (meaning “flow”). You will often see the transition “chatarunga (low plank), up dog, down dog.” If you need to back off, a good way to modify is to go straight to down dog (skipping low plank and up dog).
  • If you feel like you need a break, it is important to not leave the room, if at all possible. Leaving the room cools your body rapidly, which makes it harder to come back in and re-adjust. Simply sit or lay down, or take child’s pose, and notice your breathing. Join back in as you can.
  • If you have any questions about the practice or individual postures, ask an instructor – we love questions!
  • Make a schedule for yourself and stay committed. 2-3 classes per week will bring results. 5-6 times will transform your life.
I'm coming to my first class! What should I expect?
Congratulations on starting your yoga practice! We're excited to have you. First, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can meet you and help you settle in. One of us will give you a tour when you arrive, and show you the studio where you will be taking class. For safety reasons, we do not allow new students to enter class late. Therefore, please arrive extra early for your first class.
  • Before you enter the practice space, please take off your shoes and place them in a cubby hole or on a shoe rack. Practice is barefoot.
  • The practice space is a cell phone free zone. Please place your phone on vibrate or silent and leave it outside of the class. If you're on call or do need your phone, please let a teacher know.
  • If you have any injuries, limitations, or concerns, please let us know so we can help you stay safe!
  • There are tape marks on the floor of the studio. When choosing a spot on the floor, please take your mat and slide the top two corners of your mat into two black 'parking spots.' The studio can fit a lot of students, and these spots have been measured out and staggered to give everyone plenty of space!
Do I need to call ahead or sign up for class?
Yes. We now require pre-registration and pre-payment for classes to ensure a hands-free check in and reduce bottlenecks in our lobby. We now have a 6-hour cancellation policy - please cancel 6 hours in advance if you are unable to attend class. Late cancellations will result in loss of your class credit. Read our full cancellation policy here. We do not allow students into class late. This is a new COVID-19 safety policy. If you are not at the studio by the time class begins, you will not be able to enter and will be assessed our no-show fee. You can pre-register on our website and we also have an app for that!

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How soon before class should I arrive?
We recommend you arrive about 15 minutes before the class to allow time to sign in and get situated. For security reasons, we lock our door when class begins, so please arrive early. We do not allow students into class late. This is a new COVID-19 safety policy. If you are not at the studio by the time class begins, you will not be able to enter and will be assessed our no-show fee. We now have a 6-hour cancellation policy - please cancel 6 hours in advance if you are unable to attend class. Late cancellation will result in loss of your class credit. Read our full cancellation policy here.
Do you have to be flexible to do yoga?
That's why you do yoga! Most new yoga students are not very flexible - it's not required! As a result of yoga practice, you will likely see increased mobility and strength over time. If you find yourself struggling in a pose, our instructors will always help to make the pose fit YOU. Sensation is good but you should never experience pain in yoga.
Which class should I take?
Deciding which class is right for you depends on a few of things, but know that we accept all levels and all bodies in every class. If there is a class time that works for you, come try it out. If you'd like to narrow down your class choices, start with a few questions - Do you feel like a good workout is in order, or are you in the mood for a gentle, mellow flow? Do you like heated or unheated? How does your body feel today? Please visit our schedule to explore our class types (click to read more about any class!) or email us  or text us at 202-816-4909 and we will help you select a class. No matter what class you take, we will strive to make your experience a positive one.
What should I wear?
You will sweat in class! So, athletic clothing is recommended. Stretchy shorts/pants and a form fitting t-shirt or tank top are ideal for both men and women. We recommend avoiding cotton, as it becomes heavier when sweating. If you're attending an unheated class, layers are a great idea so that you have options as your body warms up during class.
Can I eat before yoga class?
A light snack or small meal 1 to 2 hours before class is usually okay. We don’t recommend eating a large meal just prior to class. Yoga, with all its twists, bends and folds, doesn't lend itself to a full stomach.
What if I need to leave class early?
If you know you need to leave class early, that is okay. Please set your mat in a spot closest to the door, to ensure social-distancing and to limit disruption on your way out. If you are feeling over-heated or dizzy, for safety we recommend staying in the room and taking child's pose or laying down on your mat until you feel better. If you know you will need to leave class early, please tell your instructor so that we can help you leave the class at an appropriate time.
Can I bring my child to class with me?
The answer to this depends on your child's age. We strive to make all of our students feel safe, comfortable, and focused in all of our classes. We set our policies to ensure that each yoga students attends classes that are safe for the developmental stage of their body and brain. Ages 16-17: We allow minors ages 16-17 in any of our classes, with permission (signed waiver) from their parent or guardian. Ages 14-15: We allow minors ages 14-15 in any of our unheated classes, with a parent or guardian in attendance with them. Age 13 and under: We do not allow children under the age of 13 in our adult classes.

What questions do you have before beginning your yoga practice?

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