Guest Post: How do I know I’m ready to be a yoga teacher?

A guest Q&A with Debbie Williamson, founder of WILD ABUNDANT LIFE.

Hi Deb, I participated in this recent 30 Day Challenge and have only been practicing yoga for about 8 months total. Already I can tell that this is something that will be a big part of my life and I’m thinking about doing a yoga teacher training. Do you think it’s too soon for me?

How do I know if I’m ready to train and is there anything I can do to prepare before teacher training? I’m totally freaking out about this – I really think that I want to do it, but then think I’m crazy because yoga is still new for me. Help!



Thanks so much for writing. I believe that if yoga is calling you NOW, you are ready now. You have two choices:

(1) You can ignore your desire to do this and wait for that time when you finally think you “know enough” to be ready (see my post “NO vs. KNOW” for my thoughts on that)…


(2) You can have a little faith and trust that no education will ever be wasted. If you are truly curious and passionate about learning, you are ready NOW.

If you opt for #1, chances are yoga will keep knocking on your door, and you’ll keep waiting & wondering until you finally get the nerve to take the leap. Why wait when passion calls?

While a strong & steady practice can only help you in your training, many people attend teacher training to go deeper & learn more from where they are right now.

I’d rather have you train for the love of yoga & learning than come because you want a piece of paper to prove that you’re good enough. Often as a beginner, you are ahead of the game – you have no bad habits to unlearn.

If you want this, if you REALLY want this, I believe you’re ready now.

There is nothing you need to do ahead of time to be “ready”. You are coming to training to be taught. Show up with an open mind and heart, and hold on tight for the ride of your life!

Are there things you can do to prepare ahead of time? Of course! But 98% of the content is delivered and learned within the training itself. (I do give my 200 Hour Trainees resources immediately upon sign up to start preparing before our first meeting – but mainly just to feed their excitement & because they are so eager to begin, not because they need it in order to have success).

Remember that a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is just the beginning – it’s the bare minimum. You will have your whole life to build upon it with additional training & experiences. Get started now, and get started teaching sooner.

Have you heard Malcom Gladwell’s theory on how to become an expert? He says you have to do your thing, whatever it may be, for a minimum of 10,000 hours.

That’s a ton of yoga classes – and takes most teachers 10 years to accomplish! I believe in this, wholeheartedly (and I just figured out the other day that I myself have taught well over 20,000 classes – crazy!)

Why do I bring this up?

Because the only way to become an amazing teacher is to teach & teach a lot. If it’s gonna take you ten years of actually TEACHING to become an expert, why would you wait?

You can start NOW and inspire students from where you are NOW…and you will, without a doubt.

For more supporting evidence (and a fun story) on why you’re probably ready right now, just as you are, read my post, “Know vs. No: Amma the Hugging Saint & Being Good Enough.”

Hope this helps!

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